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Our Loose Leaf Tea

The best quality, the best taste

We only use the best quality tea in our shop, so even you just want a cup of hot tea, we could serve you the best one.

Jasmine Green

Our natural Jasmine Green Tea is made from a mix of jasmine flowers and premium Chinese green tea. The jasmine green tea offers a well-balanced and refreshing brew with a wonderfully alluring floral aroma.

Genmaicha Green

Sourced from Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, Japan, this Japanese specialty tea is made with premium quality Sencha, roasted rice grains and popcorn.

Houjicha Roasted

This wonderful loose leaf green tea is carefully produced by gently roasting the leaves over an intensely high heat. Traditionally left for longer, after the first and second flush, the maturity of the leaves offer a wonderful reddish-brown infusion, which gives way to the most refreshing taste and a deeply rich, nutty aroma.

Sencha Goji Berry

This vibrant Sencha green tea blend is a supreme taste sensation. With a masterful and perfectly balanced combination of fine, golden Sencha leaves, sweet juicy goji berries, tangy pomegranate seeds and lemongrass this exquisite tea imparts a wonderfully refreshing and distinctive flavour. 

Fujian Mao Feng

This delicious Mao Feng loose leaf green tea is celebrated for its gloriously downy, slightly twisted, leaf buds, which impart a wonderfully smooth and distinct flavour to offer the grandest of daytime teas.

Mint Green

Our delightfully refreshing loose leaf Peppermint Leaves provide a wonderfully calming and uplifting infusion.

Fujian Oolong

This high-quality Oolong tea was produces a delicious fruity, roasted aroma. 

Iron Goddess Oolong

Tie Guan Yin oolong - also known as ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’ or ‘Iron Buddha’ - is the most famous of oolong teas. Our exquisite loose leaf version of this popular luxury oolong tea variety hails from the southern Fujian Province of China.

Ali Shan Oolong

This wonderfully exquisite premium-grade Oolong tea hails from the mountains of Taiwan, and is one of it’s most celebrated high-grown teas.

Organic Rose

This wonderfully fragrant and light tea is made by plucking the most delicate fledgling rose buds, and then meticulously drying them using traditional methods. 

Vanilla Rooibos

This high quality, organically grown herbal tea is very popular among health-conscious people, mainly because it is naturally caffeine free and contains a high level of antioxidants. Mixed with sweet vanilla bits, the rooibos tea creates a beautifully mild brew.

Organic Chamomile

This exquisitely tranquil loose leaf herbal tea hails from the fertile plains of the river Nile valley in Egypt, where the finest quality chamomile blossoms are meticulously harvested to create the most wonderfully calming infusion. 

Assam Black Tea

This Assam tea is a blend of 80% smaller orthodox leaves and a 20% CTC (cut, twisted and curled) leaves that add an extra punch. 

Earl Grey

This Earl Grey is made from a blend of the finest orthodox Ceylon black teas, sourced with the utmost care and expertise. Each tea is individually selected from the most highly revered tea-growing estates in the Nuwara Eliya and Dimulla regions of Sri Lanka.

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

From the plush fields of Yuchi, nestled in Nantou, Formosa Island (Taiwan), the Sun Moon Lake Red Jade black tea is a testament for the superior quality of tea grown here. 

English Breakfast

This premium loose leaf version of the well-loved classic imparts a beautifully smooth yet reviving flavour, that will provide a wonderful start to your day. Made using a blend of teas from three different high-grown tea gardens in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), this loose leaf tea provides an exceptionally rich taste as well as a beautiful and distinctive aroma.

Yunnan Pu-erh

This wonderful Pu erh tea is aged for up to five years, during which it develops a rich and deep, earthy flavour.


This breath-taking and exotic Chai tea blend is a luxurious marriage of tender green South African honeybush leaves, juicy ambrosial orange chunks, darkly fragrant cocoa bits and delicious Indian spices that offers a truly stunning infusion.

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