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  • Gift Cards Pack (10 drinks): with each card you can redeem one free drink of your choice (regular or large), we recommend the drinks on the cards, but if you want to choose sth different that’s totally fine. (Worth at least £52.6 if you choose the drinks on our cards)
  • Reusable Bubble Tea Cup with Straw: this is BPA free and you can use it for both warm/cold drinks! Comes with one big straw for your favourite boba! (Worth £9.5)
  • Bubble Tea Tote: you can fit any boba or your own water bottle into this cute bag, no plastic bag anymore! (Worth £1)


We only sell this amazing set for £49, so you get all your drinks 10% off and the environmentally friendly gears for FREE! You can give out this stunning set as a whole present to your loved bubble tea lover, or, individually (so maybe one free drink for each child in your family for their Christmas stocking)


*We have added 5 cards set and two cards set as well.

Gift Set

  • 1. You can redeem any drink from our menu with the cards, regular or large size. 

    2. One drink per card, no extra topping included.

    3. There's no expiry date for the redeemable cards.

    4. When purhase any drink from our shop in your own reuable cup, you get 30p off.

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